Top 5 Fashion Trends to Ring in 2015!

The holidays are here and so is the weather that comes with them! There are so many trends we can use right now, but before you make your final selection, ask yourself “Does this make sense for me?” 

Often, the most popular or trendy styles are not as flattering or practical as we would like. Trendy isn’t always what we want to wear, so classic influences can help pull your look together. Here are a few trends that are perfect for the holidays and into early 2015. 

1. Be Bold this season! 

Use pops of color in golds, reds, greens, violets, oranges, and more! Accents in these colors are all the rage, too - add a colorful belt to your favorite blouse or dress, don a flattering tunic, or wear a color as a camisole under an otherwise monochromatic look.


2. That Little Black Dress

This is nothing new, but it's always in fashion. There are so many options for you to find the perfect dress! Try an empire waist, ¾ length sleeves, wide belts, scarves, and we can’t forget the perfect shoe to make this little number a wardrobe staple that will be oh so flattering. Be sure to choose the appropriate version for your body type.

If you have a question about length, ask yourself, “What would I think if I saw this on someone else?” A great rule of thumb (we’ve all heard it before), is to make sure the hem is no higher than the tip of your middle finger (Assuming your hands are at your side) - this typically means you hem will be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Imagine trying to sit with dress that short on……..AWKWARD and quite an uncomfortable situation. :)

3. Cover It Up

By that I mean make use of items to add balanced layers to an outfit. The possibilities are endless here. Let me give you my personal favorites: Fly-Away Cardigans, Shawls, and Fashionable Ponchos. These all help to promote a very polished look - not to mention they’ll keep away the chill.

Experiment with plaids, stripes (vertical or horizontal), tribal prints, and polka dots (Yes….they're back!) These patterns are sure to add the !!!!!!! to the end of your Styled Statement. 

4. Moto

Yes this can be done, and tastefully! Fitted Moto jackets can be worn with everything from pencil skirts to jeans (we'll circle back to this one in a later post).

Zippers create feminine silhouettes and pair well with flowy tops, bow neck blouses, and loose fitting dresses. Leather (real or faux) adds a bit of power and determination to your look.

Done well, you will be the main attraction…..for a good reason. I will caution you that a little leather goes along way, and fit is key. Choose the style that fits you best and flatters your canvas. These little numbers are all the rage so you can find a suitable style at a price you are comfortable with at your favorite retailer.

5. Be-Jeweled

Add metallic accessories for polish, color, or to bring your holiday outfit to life! Statement necklaces can bring light to the face, long necklaces can give the appearance of a more slim figure, and jeweled button style earrings can add fun to any look. Be bold! Be you! Be-Jeweled. Find the style that fits you, the opportunity is yours.