Relax, it's just Fringe with Benefits

The weather is changing yet again, and we’ve not yet found a consistent enough climate pattern to determine a seasonal wardrobe. Relax, that’s what fringe with benefits are for. Relaxed fashion, easily paired from season to season, and day to night. Fringe can add a playful yet subtle tone to your daily ensemble. (In a not so overpowering way) It can also add just a little high fashion appeal. (Remember relaxed is key) Paired with perfect textures (Think suede, denim, or even velvet.) this is just what you need to keep winter polish, with a hint of spring surprise.

fringe with benefits.PNG

Styled Tip:

Do choose neutral tones for everyday wear. (Clothing, purses, shoes, and accessories all work well) 

A pop of color is great, but versatility is key. (Imagine cobalt blue heels every day, or a golden rod bag......see what we mean? Cute, but maybe a little too memorable.


You might also want to consider this seasons trending tones.

A couple of our favorite colors for Spring 2017 are pale dogwood (Think delicate pink) and hazelnut (beige-ish) Thanks to Pantone, these shouldn’t be hard to find in the windows of your favorite retailer. (Or that awesome fashion recycler boutique)

Go ahead browse those windows at the mall, maybe those chic thrift stores.........and spoiler alert! Wait for it....... Your own closet.    (Come on....admit it, those are the best shopping experiences ever!) And besides, we know you have a closet full of stuff you haven't seen in..........lets just say a few years. Now that's fringe with benefits.

Okay, okay. One more for the road.........