Can We Keep Things Neutral??

Can we keep things Neutral? Of course not, especially when this season’s neutrals are anything but typical. We’ve tried over and over to decide on which hues to showcase, but it’s just not that easy…………. Seriously?!?! When you think about what colors pull an outfit together best what comes to mind? Summer is full of vibrant exciting tones that we love to make a statement in, but what about our relaxing Autumn Styled picks? Sometimes we want our statements to be a little more subtle. Shouldn’t things be a little more relaxed, and free flowing? (Think beautiful tree color transformations, shorter days, and cooler weather) Got it? A little earthy goes a long way…….  Well, lucky for you Pantone released a little extra color for your Fall/Winter 2016 wardrobe and it’s EVERYTHING and (considered) .


Here are 4 of our “Styled” favorites (today anyway, we have a tendency to be inspired on a whim………)

Dried Herb – Thing of the colors that tend to line the spice rack……. Can you see it? A bit of a subdued olive green color that whispers subtly, and gives an earthy vibe. (Referred to in some circles as “Military Green” Dried Herb is the perfect choice to compliment gold tones, and give a subtle yet sophisticated feel all in one. 


Meet our friend Marsala. (Yup, still here)    We’re sure you have seen this color make appearances all year long. Would you expect anything but from the 2015 color of the year? Neither would we. Marsala is such a rich powerful tone that it can be worn alone, but plays well with others so don’t be afraid to try bold color combinations. Just browse our “Styled” picks to inspire your creativity.


Cadmium Orange- While that may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi film, or a Chemistry lesson ( Think periodic table) this fall find is the pop of color you need ( in a neutral way of course!) to make a statement, brighten up your look and add warmth, without causing you to mimic this season’s most fashionable Jack-O-Lantern.


This forecast calls for “Stormy Weather”, No meteorologists here (Or actual weather forecasts for that matter), just a fun take on this powerful reflection of a blue-gray sky on a Winter day. Easily a power color, but subtle enough to let colors such as Biscay Bay, Desert Sage, or Oak Buff take center stage. (Just a hint of what’s to come in the future………..)